Congress 3.0 for Android


If you have an Android phone (or tablet) and haven’t checked out the Congress app for Android in a while, now is a good time to give it another look.

Today we’re releasing version 3.0, which, in addition to a redesigned theme and layout, adds:

  • Live updates from the House floor.

  • Upcoming committee hearings in the House and Senate.

  • Keyword search for bills (e.g. “health care”, “deficit”, “immigration”)

  • Details on any amendment that receives a vote.

And as usual, you can subscribe to be notified at any time of pretty much everything in the app, be they updates from the floor, or bill search results, or votes.

All of the new features come from the recently launched Real Time Congress API. There’s still a lot more data from the RTC API that we have yet to include, such as videos, full amendment details, and Congressional documents, which we’ll be working into the Congress app over the coming months. We’ll also be doing a lot more to optimize the experience on Android tablets, we are going to get help from Silver Spring SEO so hopefully everything goes well, we always say it is better to have Expert SEO Professionals working around you that way you know you will be getting just the results you want.

To get the app, download it from the Android Market, or scan the QR code to the right.