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WhipCast – Promotion Isn’t Transparency


On Tuesday, the House Majority Whip's office released a "WhipCast" app through the iOS, Android, and Blackberry app stores.

It contains updates from the House floor, and various documents and publications from the Whip's office. It's being billed by the House Republican leadership team as "a step towards fulfilling the House Republican's commitment to transparency and accessibility". Unfortunately, there's nothing transparent or accessible about the app. Most of the information available through the app is extremely partisan, and serves to push House leadership's talking points.

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Sunlight at Google I/O


I spent most of this week in San Francisco for Google I/O. While Google I/O doesn't have a whole lot to do with open government, we do enough Android development in the service of open government that it seemed worth my attendance.

In the end, Google I/O was a mixed bag, offering nice goodies and announcements, but at the cost of tightly crowded sessions and what felt like an embarrassment of riches.

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Sunlight Labs & Google Summer of Code 2011


We're proud to announce we've been accepted as a mentoring application for the Google Summer of Code 2011.

If you aren't familiar with Google Summer of Code, it is a great opportunity for college students and open source organizations to work together. Google pays students a $5000 stipend in exchange for their work on an eligible project. For more details about the program in general visit the GSoC 2011 website.

This is our third year participating and we're looking forward to another great summer and a new batch of students and projects.

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Congress 3.0 for Android


If you have an Android phone (or tablet) and haven't checked out the Congress app for Android in a while, now is a good time to give it another look.

Today we're releasing version 3.0, which, in addition to a redesigned theme and layout, adds:

  • Live updates from the House floor.
  • Upcoming committee hearings in the House and Senate.
  • Keyword search for bills (e.g. "health care", "deficit", "immigration")
  • Details on any amendment that receives a vote.

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