SunSpotted: ThinkGeek Sports Sunlight

Not the Monkey Tamer You’re Looking For?

Last week, the accidental theft of my roommate’s mail (sorry, Danielle!) turned into a serendipitous discovery: On page 24 of the most recent ThinkGeek catalogue, I found a mysterious man rocking some old school Sunlight schwag. (See picture below.)

Who is this angry man? ThinkGeek claims he is “Seth, the Monkey Tamer,” but I find that hard to believe. A quick Google Image search proves that wearing such a shirt would be a…rather…unconventional costume for a monkey tamer. Also, what kind of monkey tamer works in an office?

We think we know this monkey-man’s true identity, but we’d love your help in figuring it out. Here are the only other clues we know:

1. We retired the “I [Sunlight] DC” shirt in 2010, shortly after the TransparencyCamp of that same year. 2. These tees have been distributed pretty exclusively in DC. 3. He kind of looks like Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC).

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