Access to Congressionally Mandated Reports Act to be Considered Thursday


As I mentioned yesterday, the House Oversight and Government Reform committee will be looking at two transparency bills at a business meeting on Wednesday. Only the DATA Act was officially on the agenda as of yesterday, but it has now been confirmed that the second bill will be the Access to Congressionally Mandated Reports Act. We have commented on this bill twice before; once when it was first introduced in May by Rep. Mike Quigley, as well as once last week.

The legislation will require that all Congressionally mandated reports be sent to the Government Printing Office to be made publicly available online at no additional cost. In addition to Rep. Quigley, the bill has ten co-sponsors: Reps. Clay, Cooper, Cummings, Davis, Kind, Lynch, Maloney, Norton, Towns, and Yarmuth.

The text of the legislation is below. Again the mark-up will be held Wednesday June 22, at 9:30am in Rayburn 2154, and will also be streamed live.

Access to Congressionally Mandated Report Act of 2011