Teach-in at #OccupyDC this Sunday


Like many organizers, I’ve been following the #occupywallstreet movement for a while. Last weekend, I was planning to head up to New York to see what it was all about when I learned that it was spreading and had already arrived in Washington. #OccupyDC started sometime Friday night with around six people. When I showed up on Saturday morning to check it out, there were over a hundred people there, and I’ve been back every day since to watch it grow.

As an organizer, this has been an incredibly cool movement to watch. As a transparency advocate, it’s been even better: Occupy DC, also known as @occupykst, is a grassroots movement that is seriously talking about the overwhelming power of powerful special interests, lobbyists, and money in our political system. In fact, they’re occupying McPherson square — on K Street and only steps from some of the most powerful lobbying firms in the country.

So this weekend, Sunlight’s going to be heading over to the Occupation to do a teach-in on following the money in politics. We’ll be talking about lobbying firms, banks and investment banks data, Super PACs and how money works in the post-Citizens United world, and the nonstop party of political fundraising.

Want to join us? We’ll be there at 3pm on Sunday, October 9th.

What: Teach in at #occupydc on following the money in politics Where: McPherson Square When: Sunday, 3pm

Part of #OccupyDC and want us to cover anything in particular at the teach-in? Leave it in the comments.

Just a quick note for those who might be confused: While they have, for the last few days, shared a hashtag on twitter, the #Occupy group I’m referring to is not the same as the group currently occupying Freedom Plaza. That was a separately organized event that’s been in the planning for months, and while there’s many activists that have been trying to show support for both, the Freedom Plaza “Stop the Machine” rally appears to be focused on issues a bit different from the K Street group or Sunlight.