Tools for Transparency: Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript with Codecademy


Content management systems are becoming essential for running our web sites, with easy to use WYSIWYG interfaces and simple CMS plug-ins.  Often these tools need a little tweaking and a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and javascript is becoming increasingly essential.   Of course there’s an abundance of resources for teaching yourself various aspects of web development — Webmonkey and W3Schools are two of my favorites — but Codecademy, a newer service, is offering a different approach to learning the basics.

This web-based tutorial service walks you through javascript, HTML and CSS, testing you along the way in an interactive back-and-forth style that you don’t find in other tutorials. Codecademy also integrates gaming elements, like badges and points to encourage you.  The big takeaway is that you learn by doing and actually have a good time in the process.

Take a look below at the HTML & CSS lesson overview.

If you already feel comfortable with HTML and CSS, try Codecademy’s Code Year for learning javascript. Every Monday you’ll receive an email with the latest lesson and learn javascript throughout the year.

Signing up and getting started is very simple.  You can either log in with Facebook or set up a new account using your email.  Once you’re logged in, you can begin immediately.