Sitegeist: A Week After Launch


A mockup of the Sitegeist app from the Sunlight Foundation being used to look up local demographic information.Exactly one week ago we launched Sitegeist, an app to learn more about your surroundings through visualizations of publicly available data. We are immensely proud of Sitegeist and thrilled by the response! As of yesterday afternoon, we have more than 20,000 downloads from both the iPhone and Android versions. Most exciting of all is that there have been more than 300,000 paneviews, which are individuals loading different categories of data. It’s the metric we’re watching to see how much people interact with and explore the data. It’s a big beautiful number and we hope you keep coming back for more!

Media coverage of the launch of Sitegeist was stellar with everything from the Washington Post’s Wonkblog to Boing Boing. Gizmodo’s review proclaimed that Sitegeist will “scrub a mountain of publicly available data, chew it up for you, and spit easy-to-read infographics right into your mouth like a loving mama bird.” Indeed. They even named it one of their Apps of the Week! Android Police said “Not only does the app provide some really useful information, but it looks damn good doing it” and FlowingData summed it up nicely as “Data just a flick and a scroll away.”

We’re tickled pink with these write-ups but it’s also great to hear directly from the users. Hundreds of folks have shared their thoughts on Sitegeist and many come armed with helpful suggestions for new data they’d like to see or bug reports we’re rushing to squash. We’ve updated the inaccurate hazard icon and greased the stubborn “Political Contributions” see-saw! We are hoping to add more features soon and will let you know as we incorporate more improvements (and data!).

I will assume those of you who have not downloaded Sitegeist yet are clamoring to download it now, but for all of you that already have: thank you. Be sure to open the app up when you’re home for the holidays and have a happy new year!