2Day in #OpenGov 3/12/2013



  • The Center for Effective Government kicked off Sunshine Week with a report recommending steps that Federal agencies can take to become more open. Overall the report gives the Obama administration mixed reviews, with a great deal of criticism on national security issues. (Government Executive)
  • Today in the continuing saga of Obama’s influence group Organizing for Action: Press Secretary Jay Carney compared the supposedly non-political non-partisan OFA to the political and partisan DCCC, DSCC, and DNC, President Obama is slated to speak at a Wednesday night dinner for large donors to OFA, and other politicians have tread this controversial line in the recent past, specifically NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. (PoliticoWashington PostRoll Call)
  • Illinois is hoping to spread civic innovation outside of Chicago and into the suburbs and countryside. The Illinois Technology Challenge promises $75,000 in prizes for projects that use state or city data in applications targeted outside of the Windy City. (Tech President)
  • Mitch McConnell hopped on the #standwithrand fundraising train with an email comparing the two Senators, noting that they will both be likely targets of Democratic attacks, and urging donations to his reelection campaign. (Washington Post)
  • Former Senator Scott Brown joined a number of former elected officials at Nixon Peabody LLP. He will serve as a counsel in its Boston office, focusing on government and business affairs. (Politico)
  • Toyota’s North American arm has formed a PAC, which can raise money from eligible employees. The automaker already spends more than $3 million annually on lobbying. (Public Integrity)


  • None.



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