Share your experience, be a TransparencyCamp Ambassador


TransparencyCamp 2012 Day 2

We here at the Sunlight Foundation could not be more excited about our upcoming TransparencyCamp! We have done this — and had a blast — with the rest of the transparency community for the last 4 years, and this year’s event is slated to be bigger and better than ever.

But since both TCamp and our community has expanded over the years, we realized that some may appreciate an introduction to the transparency world and the unconference experience. Additionally, we know that many people have great tales to share from their participation over the years.

That’s why we are launching a new Ambassadors Program at this year’s TCamp. Ambassadors will be matched with attendees who may be new to the open gov and open data community or unconferencing with TCamp veterans and established members of the transparency world. Participants in the ambassadors program get the opportunity to connect with each other prior to the event, reach across transparency issue areas and meet exciting new people. We are thrilled about the potential of this program to help forge new and stronger ties amongst TCamp attendees, and make our community more accessible to new people.

Interested in learning more? Sign up below.

Although TransparencyCamp is fueled by the diversity of our participants, the actual experience of finding common ground with Campers from different professional backgrounds can require leaving your comfort zone — something that can be hard to navigate alone. We are committed to make sure TCamp can remain an open and accessible event, and want to ensure that everyone, from the greenest-of-the-green newbie to the most grizzled transparency old-guard can get the most out of interacting with each other.

We are now opening the signup for the TCamp Ambassadors Program. We want you if:

    You are new to TCamp or unconferences or transparency and want a leg up getting tapped into the community.


    You are a total TCamp/unconf/transparency wizard level 20, and are excited about growing our community, meeting and mentoring new people.

Sound like you? If so, please join us in making this year’s TCamp and our inaugural TCamp Ambassadors program a success! Sign up HERE or below.

Applications close April 17, 2013.