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The design behind TransparencyCamp 2013


One of the things I love about TransparencyCamp is that it is a large essentially unscheduled event. You can't plan what's going to happen when you have over 500 people and just a loose schedule of events over 2 days. The branding has to be loud enough to guide people though the unconference format in an unfamiliar space and convey a sense of excitement and energy. The implementation has to be flexible and allow for things to change, like a picnic session in the park, or food trucks for lunch parking in unexpected locations. tcamp2013 branding

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TransparencyCamp 2013: Wrapping Up the Best Year Yet

Every year at about this time -- just days after our hallmark community event, TransaprencyCamp -- we kick up our heels, shake our heads, and think, “That was our best event yet.” But this year, we really mean it. TransparencyCamp 2013 was different from its predecessors. Not only was it our largest TCamp to-date -- with a chart-topping 500 participants from over 25 countries and 33 states* -- but it was also our strongest. More than a reunion of old friends fighting the same fight, this TransparencyCamp was a veritable democratic laboratory, with scientists from different backgrounds, countries and creeds coming together to share their experiments, find collaborators, and bring new ideas back home for testing and tweaking. We’ll have some more reflections and behind the scenes views in the days ahead, but first, we wanted to share with you a closer at the weekend.

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Top ten things to know about TCamp


Greetings TCamper!

We are excited that you are coming to TransparencyCamp this weekend! Here are all the ten things you need to know to be a savvy camper. If you want to know more, head to our website:

If you are not one of the 620 people that purchased tickets this year, we will have a streaming google hangout at: Streaming begins at 10am and will continue at least to 11 each day.

1.  When is TCamp ?

  • Saturday and Sunday, May 4th - 5th
  • Registration begins at 9AM on Saturday.
  • Conference starts at 10AM -- sharp! -- each day.

2. Where is TransparencyCamp?

         The Marvin Center - 3rd floor

         The George Washington University

         800 21st Street NW

         Washington, DC 20052

  • Closest Metro is Foggy Bottom on the Blue and Orange lines. Check our website for more transportation options.

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Unconference 101: A Quick Guide to TCamp and Beyond


With TransparencyCamp less than three weeks away, it’s time to get serious about what it means to attend an unconference. Unconferences are events run by participants. Attendees set the agenda for what will be discussed, lead the sessions and workshops that fill the schedule, and create an environment of innovation and productive discussion. It can be a bit hard to visualize how this all plays out before you’ve actually attended an open format event like this, so, to make things easier, we’ve pulled together some resources to help you get the most out of your TransparencyCamp experience -- or any other open format event you attend.

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Lodging, travel and dining options for TransparencyCamp 2013


Washington, D.C. is a hub for political, nonprofit organization and business activity; it’s also well-loved destination for tourists, not to mention the visitors who come to see friends and family. As a D.C. resident, I know the experience of visiting Washington can be expensive, confusing and exhausting. So, to out-of-town TransparencyCamp 2013 visitors next month, let me give you some of the tips I share with friends and family to make your visit as enjoyable and productive as possible. But double-check the decisions you make; we offer these suggestions without warranty and with the understanding that there are many good ways to visit Washington.


Assuming you don’t already have a place to crash, your first decision – after registering for TransparencyCamp and making transportation plans – is finding a place to stay. TCamp will take place at the Marvin Center on the campus of the George Washington University at 21st and H streets NW. View Larger Map There are quite a number of nearby hotels, including the Best Western Georgetown and the Melrose Georgetown. Check out for more hotel recommendations, often with special rates, from the District's convention and visitors bureau.

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Share your experience, be a TransparencyCamp Ambassador


TransparencyCamp 2012 Day 2 We here at the Sunlight Foundation could not be more excited about our upcoming TransparencyCamp! We have done this -- and had a blast -- with the rest of the transparency community for the last 4 years, and this year’s event is slated to be bigger and better than ever. But since both TCamp and our community has expanded over the years, we realized that some may appreciate an introduction to the transparency world and the unconference experience. Additionally, we know that many people have great tales to share from their participation over the years. That's why we are launching a new Ambassadors Program at this year’s TCamp. Ambassadors will be matched with attendees who may be new to the open gov and open data community or unconferencing with TCamp veterans and established members of the transparency world. Participants in the ambassadors program get the opportunity to connect with each other prior to the event, reach across transparency issue areas and meet exciting new people. We are thrilled about the potential of this program to help forge new and stronger ties amongst TCamp attendees, and make our community more accessible to new people. Interested in learning more? Sign up below.

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