Sunlight Calls on Senators to File Campaign Finance Reports Electronically


In an open letter to Senators, the Sunlight Foundation called for all senators to file their campaign finance information electronically with the FEC, rather than delaying access to campaign finance information by adhering to an archaic, cumbersome paper filing system.

Fifteen senators – Baucus, Boxer, Cochran, Cornyn, Donnelly, Feinstein, Franken, Gillibrand, King, Leahy, McCaskill, Sanders, Schumer, Tester and Warren – have demonstrated their commitment to transparency by filing their campaign finance reports electronically. This is almost double the number who filed electronically last year, and we applaud those who have taken this simple step towards greater transparency, and hope their colleagues will follow their lead.


Voluntary electronic filing does not eliminate the need for legislation requiring electronic filing, and Sunlight urges all senators to cosponsor S. 375, the Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act. But until that bill is enacted, we are encouraged that a growing number of Senators is willing to provide their campaign finance information voluntarily to the public in a timely manner and hope the trend continues.

Read the letter in full below:

Open Letter to Senators to Electronically File Campaign Finance Reports Sunlight Foundation