The 12 Days of APIs (version 2.0)

Flickr photo by K. van Santen

This is an update from a post published last year.

‘Tis the season for application programming interfaces. We have the perfect present for the open data developer in your life: a Sunlight Labs API key!

Here are our “12 days of APIs” for 2013; no singing required!

12 methods to call the Congress API v3, a A live JSON API for the people and work of the U.S. Congress.

11 months since the launch of Docket Wrench, which now has a dedicated API to conduct analyses around federal regulatory comments.

10 minutes spent researching our API offerings on Sunlight Academy, including an archived webinar that walks through each of our APIs.

9 events scheduled for this week on our developer community calendar.

8 data sets covered by the Influence Explorer API, which includes federal and state campaign contributions, federal lobbying, government grants and contracts, EPA violations, federal regulations and more.

7 libraries listed on our API and data services page.

6 standard arguments to query in the Capitol Words API. Search the Congressional Record since 1996 and filter your results by state, party, chamber, date, start date or end date.

5(0) states available in the Open States API, which also covers D.C. and Puerto Rico. Use the RESTful API or bulk download to access the only comprehensive collection of state legislative data in the U.S.

4 ways to get Political Party Time data. Use the JSON feed, CSV file, RSS feed or relational zip file to know when politicians are fundraising and who is hosting the events.

3 Codecademy lessons that will help you learn how to use Sunlight APIs and build your coding skills. Check out the Javascript, Python and Ruby tutorials.

2 options to get Scout alerts, by email or via text message. Scout uses a variety of Sunlight APIs—Capitol Words, Congress and Open States—to deliver real-time policy alerts on state and national issues, as well as has special user option for developers.

1 billion-plus API calls made altogether, and a developer community hub to keep in touch with us throughout the year.