The Week on Politwoops: a New Years parade, campaign team snark and dozens of new accounts

An image deleted from the Twitter feed of Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., of a parade sign from the Sino-American Friendship Association that says: "Shandong China, hometown of Confucius."
Deleted photo via Sunlight Foundation’s Politwoops.

Happy 2014 and please enjoy the year’s first look back at some recent deleted tweets from U.S. politicians caught by Politwoops.

Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., deleted a tweet from December 31 that said, “At the Sino-American Friendship Association #NewYearsEve Opening Ceremony in #NYC!” and included the photo seen to the right. The only other tweets from that day were a generic Happy New Year message and one mentioning her participation in the Times Square celebration that also said, “No worries I am not dancing or anything.”

The campaign team running the account of Richard Cash, a Republican challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham in the South Carolina race for U.S. Senate, deleted a series of tweets caught by Politwoops from a back-and-forth with the Twitter user @David__Jonas, whose bio says he is a former Senate staffer. When the Cash campaign tweeted “Could YOU spend money like the federal government?” and included a Heritage Foundation graphic, @David__Jonas answered with “The only problem is that most start-up businesses have similar levels of debt. What matters is future earnings, i.e. growth.”

The Cash campaign’s response, that was later deleted, was “Economic growth is important, but what start-up businesses have YOU run that have 17+ Trillion in debt? — Team Cash.” @David__Jonas responded “I’ve worked at a start-up before, and we had lots of debt in the beginning. I’m just saying the analogy is flawed” and “US has $58 trill in wealth. Our assets outweigh our liabilities. Better to have $17 trill in govt debt than raise taxes.” The deleted response from the campaign was “Wow…you once worked at a start up and now you think you”re an economist? Bless your heart. — Team Cash .” @David__Jonas continued “Not really sure what’s with all the snark. Your boss might be Senator one day. Going to have 99 other viewpoints to deal with” and the campaign capped the conversation with message now only found on Politwoops that read “Yes. And, unlike Lindsey Graham, he will reject false liberal premises spewed out by Obama supporters like yourself.”

Earlier in December, Richard Cash’s twitter account responded to a question from the same Twitter user about why his family in South Carolina should vote for Mr. Cash by saying “@David__Jonas Great question. Part of the answer is that RC will listen TO them vs. talking AT them.”

Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, D-Hawaii, who is running for Senate against incumbent Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, deleted a retweet of Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker about his recent article on how the race is dividing the Democratic party along “ethnic & generational lines.” The exact cause and source of the deletion from Rep. Hanabusa’s campaign account are unclear, but the Washington Post article mentions “Hanabusa sounded angry and at times bitter that Abercrombie passed her over for Schatz.”

It is officially a midterm election year and Politwoops spent much of the winter holidays incorporating new accounts for the project to track, especially focusing on the year’s gubernatorial races including Arizona, Minnesota and Nebraska. Jorge Bonilla, a Republican running in Florida’s 9th congressional district, marks the 1,360th account that Politwoops follows. As always, please ​let us know if you notice any Twitter accounts for candidates we’re missing!

And finally a big thank you to Boing Boing, Politico and INFOdocket for utilizing Politwoops and the big review of 2013 on the site!