Sunlight Open Data Policy Guidelines now available in Spanish

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In August 2013, Sunlight launched a second version of the Open Data Policy Guidelines, a living document created to help define what open data policies can and should do.

Image credit: Open Knowledge Foundation

We are excited to announce that these guidelines are now available in Spanish.

The number of Open Data Day events in Latin America and the recently published Global Open Data Initiative Report both suggest that demand for open data in Spanish speaking countries is growing. To contribute to this growing momentum, Iris Palma, a Sunlight friend and exchange fellow, translated our Open Data Policy Guidelines into Spanish.

We’ve structured the provisions of the Open Data Policy Guidelines so that they can be versatile for a variety of political needs and contexts. In the United States, these guidelines have been used both as a tool for conducting advocacy as well as a foundation from which open data policies are developed. Today we are proudly introducing the Spanish version in hopes that it will play a similar role in the Spanish speaking world.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that our Open Data Guidelines for Procurement have been translated into French. This set of seventeen guidelines is intended to be both an inspiration to those wishing to make their procurement process more transparent, as well as a reflection on what we think is required to allow for distributed oversight, fair competition and an accessible market in government procurement. The French version of the Procurement Guidelines is available here.

We hope that these guidelines will have meaningful impact on efforts to promote open data for transparency and accountability.