Announcing new Sunlight Foundation OpenGov Grant winners!

The Sunlight logo of three yellow spheres connected to bubbles of money.

We are excited to announce four new winners of the Sunlight Foundation OpenGov Grants! Our OpenGov Grants range from $5,000 to $10,000 and are helping fulfill dreams of making government more transparent and accountable. Since inception, our grants program has fueled innovative initiatives from across the country and are now enabling both individual and organizations to take their projects to the next level of development.

We launched our OpenGov Grants program in June last year and have since funded 12 organizations and several projects ranging from CivOmega, a website that “human[izes] civic data” for average citizens by using open data APIs to answer civic questions, to OpportunitySpace, a project that consolidates and standardizes data about government-owned land and buildings in Rhode Island.

Since 2006, our grants have been helping to bring government and citizens closer using technology. Take a look at our full list of grantees for all the projects and organizations that have been funded by our grants program. And then apply for an OpenGov Grant of your own!

We would like to congratulate our latest winners and offer an overview of what their work is about. Check them out in the breakdown below:

  • CodeAcross 2014: Funded to support holding CodeAcross hackathons in about 40 cities.
  • Detroit Ledger: Awarded a grant to build a picture of grant funding in Detroit, focusing on nonprofits and civic projects that receive money from governments and foundations through data, APIs, documentation and related visualizations.
  • This grant will help them collect and digitize local municipal financial information and provide an easy-to-use analytical platform for the non-financially technical user, using New Jersey as a test.

  • Will use Sunlight’s OpenGov Grant to create an open, transparent, well-documented API, and a publicly accessible data dashboard for all projects.

We are accepting applications for OpenGov Grants on a rolling basis and encourage you to apply now!