Sunlight is hiring to expand local portfolio

Sunlight’s map of state and local open data policies keeps growing! Be a part of our team and help lead the way.

When the Sunlight Foundation was founded in 2006, the clear focus of our work was to bring more transparency and accountability to our Congress, but over the past several years our purview has broadened considerably. Our work at the federal level has expanded beyond Congress to include the executive branch, as evident from our recent win to force the Obama administration to release Enterprise Data Inventories. Our growing book of international work has put us at the forefront of the worldwide open government movement. Our Open States tool is the go-to resource for information about state legislatures. And, as more and more communities adopt open data policies and create open data portals, the demand for our expertise from local governments has grown by leaps and bounds.

We will soon announce our involvement in a multiyear, national effort to bring more open data practice and policy to mid-size American cities. To that end, we are looking for a new member of the Sunlight staff team to join us in our Washington, D.C. headquarters. We’re looking for an Open Data Project Lead — someone with at least five years of experience in local government with deep knowledge in using open data at the municipal level. The job description is here and we hope that everyone in Sunlight’s network will help us get the word out for this critical new hire.

We’re excited to take this project on, and will have more details to announce in April. It’s a big, audacious project, and we’re glad to be a part of it.