Announcing Sunlight’s updated draft open data executive order


A couple of weeks ago, we developed a rough draft of an open data policy for communities to use if they wanted to start their policy discussions with some draft language. We also called for comments on the draft, hoping to draw from your experiences to make it even better. 

Thanks to the incredible feedback we received from all of you, we have significantly improved open data policy language for people to use. We’d like to especially thank Josh Tauberer, Mark Leech, Ben Wellington, Abhi Nemani, Mark Headd, Andrew Nicklin, Joel Natividad, Maria Paz Hermosilla, Dave McClure and Joy Bonaguro for their review and thoughtful suggestions.

Several of the useful conversations that played out in the document’s comments or over email will certainly influence our thinking as our draft language continues to evolve. For now, here is our draft open data executive order at the current moment in time. We hope you find it to be a useful place to begin an open data policy conversation in your backyard.

And if you’d like to suggest additional changes, you can still do so on our draft document here.