Topeka, Kan., becomes latest What Works City to pass an open data policy

Main street in Topeka, Kan., with an overlay of text saying "open data."
Topeka, Kan. (Image credit: City of Topeka/Twitter)

The city of Topeka, Kan., has become the newest city to join the ranks of those passing open data policies.

During the course of its What Works Cities engagement, Topeka focused on launching a formal open data program. The city assembled an open data governance team and determined the goals of the programs, including the metrics they will use to measure success. With the help of Sunlight, the city was able to craft a policy tailored to its goals that will help propel the work that it’s doing. Topeka provided city staff with training and resources to help in implementation for future success.

The launch of the city’s open data program brings it a step closer to meeting its goals of increasing access to data inside and outside of City Hall, updating the public on its progress, and engaging the community in problem-solving.

The policy, which was signed by City Manager Jim Colson, will go into effect on Oct. 3, 2016. Read it in full below, or in a separate window here.