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How ex-Det. Guy Bowers became the biggest campaign donor of all


One of the most prolific donors to political candidates running for federal office has no idea that’s his status.

Guy Bowers, a 66-year-old ex-detective who says he owes his fortune to an inheritance and some savvy investing, is not your typical corporate executive often associated with fattening politicians’ campaign accounts.

Yet Bowers was such an enthusiastic donor that he tops a list of perhaps hundreds who appear to have broken a campaign finance law that caps the total amount of money individuals can give federal political candidates and committees in the course of a two-year election cycle. For 2011 ...

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NRA gives more than $2 million to support politicians in Texas, New Mexico


During the past two decades, the National Rifle Association has contributed more than $2 million to support politicians in New Mexico and Texas, where the nation's latest outbreaks of gun violence occurred this week.

Both are among the majority of states that provide broad protections for gunowners privacy, according to information compiled by the Sunlight Foundation.

MORE: For data on the gun debate, see the Sunlight Foundation's resource page.

Data pulled from Influence Explorer, a Sunlight Foundation database that tabulates federal campaign contributions from the Center for Responsive Politics and state contributions from the National Institute of Money ...

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