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As earmark lobbyist gets out of jail, former colleagues still on the trail


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Paul J. Magliocchetti, the former House Appropriations staffer who went on to be a top lobbyist for earmarks, got out of prison today. Magliocchetti pled guilty to charges that he made illegal campaign donations. He was served a 27-month sentence for admitting to funneling more than $380,000 to House and Senate campaigns through straw donors.

PMA Group, Magliocchetti's firm, boasted a stable of lobbyists who had gone through the revolving door, some 33 in all, including 7 who worked for the congressional appropriations committees or their members. Of those, 28 are still registered to lobby the federal government ...

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DCCC invokes Murtha to aid Critz


A friend and colleague passes along the following email the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is sending out, signed by the widow of the late Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., Joyce Murtha:

DCCC email

It is bittersweet to write this e-mail so soon after Jack's passing. While nobody can ever fill Jack's shoes, I am heartened to see Mark Critz, Jack's former Director for Economic Development, running for the seat my husband proudly held for 36 years. With the polls neck and neck heading into the final stretch, I am asking for your support so Mark can win this ...

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Potential Murtha successor Norm Dicks knows the favor factory


The abrupt passing of Rep. John Murtha (D-Penn.) left many wondering who would replace the King of Pork as chair of the Defense Appropriations subcommitteebut anyone hoping his replacement might bring relief from a reputation for trading favors, rewarding campaign contributors and steering lucrative contracts to home districts would likely be disappointed by the pool of potential successors.  

Yesterday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer floated the name of Norm Dicks, whose home state of Washington houses Boeing Co., as the likely next chair. Boeing is the second-largest recipient of federal contracting money, at $22.3 billion in fiscal year 2009 ...

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