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Hill: No campaign cash for Visclosky from former PMA Group clients


On April 3rd, we noted that Rep. Pete Visclosky, one of the most prolific recipients of campaign cash from and earmarker of federal dollars to PMA Group clients, had requested no earmarks--not a single one--for former clients of the firm for fiscal year FY 2010. Oddly enough, employees and PACs of former PMA Group clients donated nothing to Visclosky's reelection campaign in the first quarter of 2009, according to Roxana Tiron of the Hill.

Let's see...could there be a connection?

Yesterday, Glenn Reynolds linked a Hill story noting that for Rep. John Murtha, it was "business as ...

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Former PMA Group Clients Get Defense Earmarks from Murtha for 2010


Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., has requested defense related funding for five companies that hired the PMA Group last year, according to a review of the earmark requests released on the Congressman's website. Murtha has requested a total of $23.8 million to be directed to these companies.

You can search for the clients here (links to the search pages don't work).

And here's a breakdown for each of the five companies.

Advanced Acoustic Concepts - $5,000,000

Argon ST - $8,000,000

MTS Technologies - $5,000,000

Planning Systems Inc. - $2,300,000

QTL Bio Defense Systems ...

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Visclosky shuts out former PMA Group clients


Rep. Pete Visclosky was one of the top recipients of contributions from PMA Group. He endorsed some form of investigation of the lobbying firm that was raided by the FBI -- "What form that action takes, who offers it, how it will turn out, I don't know," he said last month. In his fiscal year 2010 earmark requests, just posted online, he requested no earmarks for former clients of PMA Group.

I noticed that he requested an earmark for Duneland School Corporation of Chesterton, Ind. for $500,000 that will "include the installation of solar panels to demonstrate photovoltaic technology ...

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Moran requests nine defense earmarks for former PMA Group clients


Rep. James Moran released his list of appropriations requests today. A quick review shows he's asking for nine earmarks for former clients of PMA Group, worth a total of $17.5 million.

Here's the list of 2008 PMA Group clients from Open Secrets, and below are links to earmarks requests and dollar amounts.

General Dynamics $2,000,000; DDL Omni Engineering LLC $3,000,000; ITT Corp $2,000,000; Dynamis $2,000,000; Mobilvox $2,000,000; Rockwell Collins $1,000,000; Argon ST $3,000,000; Artis $1,000,000; Planning Systems Inc. $1,500,000;

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K Street Boom: At least 1,699 new clients in 2009


Lobbying firms and special interests have filed nearly 1,700 new registration forms so far in the first quarter of 2009, according to a review of lobbying disclosure forms available online at the Senate Office of Public Records. As the federal government pumps up spending and intervenes in the troubled financial markets, K Street firms appear to have had no shortage of new business.

Our first pass at a database of the registrations shows that some of the financial firms that have received funding under the Troubled Asset Relief Program including Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs and Fifth ...

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The Next Abramoff: PMA Group?


The New York Times reports:

...many on Capitol Hill, recalling the scandal that mushroomed around the lobbyist Jack Abramoff, are wondering who else will be ensnared in the investigation as prosecutors pore over the financial records and computer files of one of K Street's most influential lobbyists, known both for the billions of dollars in earmarks he obtained for his clients and for his open hand toward those he sought to influence.

Former PMA staff members familiar with the inquiry say prosecutors' initial questions have focused on the possibility that Mr. Magliocchetti used straw campaign contributors " a Florida sommelier ...

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Must everything be earmarked?


Columnist George Will argues that the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 -- the bailout bill that set up TARP, is unconstitutional because it delegates legislative power to the executive branch:

Congress did not in any meaningful sense make a law. Rather, it made executive branch officials into legislators. Congress said to the executive branch, in effect: "Here is $700 billion. You say you will use some of it to buy up banks' 'troubled assets.' But if you prefer to do anything else with the money -- even, say, subsidize automobile companies -- well, whatever."

FreedomWorks, a Washington-based libertarian advocacy organization, argues that ...

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