Newspapers across the country endorse the DISCLOSE Act


So far in 2012, more than 30 newspaper editorial boards from coast to coast have endorsed the DISCLOSE Act.

Explore the map below and click through to read the journalists’ arguments in favor of this legislation to bring stronger transparency to modern campaigns.

Call your senators or write your local newspaper’s editor about DISCLOSE and tell them we deserve to know who is trying to influence our votes and our lawmakers. We’ve been working hard to inform Congress and these influential editorial boards about the importance bringing campaign finance to light. But they need to know this issue matters to all citizens, not just the DC chattering classes. So make your voice heard today.

Here is but a small sample of what those editorials had to say.

Los Angeles Times:

In an election year, it might seem naive to expect Congress to approve more transparency in political spending. But would-be opponents of the DISCLOSE Act need to be reminded that even the Supreme Court that gave us Citizens United emphasized the importance of disclosure — and that resistance to reform invites an obvious question: What do you have to hide?

The Bryan-College Station Eagle:

Got an extra $52 million in your petty cash slush fund? Want to buy an election? Well, you can and no one would be any the wiser unless Congress passes the badly needed DISCLOSE Act.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“A simple disclosure bill is probably the easiest way to go forward, eliminate the complicated, keep it simple,” Whitehouse told Roll Call recently. “It’s an issue where our Republican colleagues have said over and over and over again that they’re for it.”

And they should be for it again.

New York Times:

Polls show the public supports disclosure as a way to fight political corruption. Any candidate who resists this common-sense bill deserves to be defeated.