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Questions surface over Stockman campaign contributions


On Feb. 21, of this year, campaign finance records show, a parent of a congressional staffer contributed $7,500 in $2,500 increments to the cash-strapped campaign the staffer's boss, Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas. At least, that's what is disclosed in filings from the Stockman campaign. Contacted about her large contribution to Stockman, Jane Dodd of Dover, Del. told Sunlight, "That wasn't me."

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Obama’s fundraising paves way for advertising dominance


When it comes to saturating the airwaves and cable outlets with political advertisements, no entity has spent more in the 2012 presidential elections than the campaign of President Barack Obama. Through July, his campaign spent more than $111 million broadcasting its message--more than twice the $48 million spent by his GOP rival, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Both campaigns will disclose their itemized contributions and expenditures for August with the Federal Election Commission today.

The Obama campaign's spending dominance is another product of the fundraising advantage the incumbent has enjoyed throughout the campaign. Through July, Obama's campaign had ...

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Entering digital age an expensive proposition for GOP


The Republican National Committee shelled out $1.4 million dollars over the last six months for Web sites and services, much of which was spent on, the party's major Web presence that was unveiled this month, new Federal Election Commission expense reports show.

The figure is far higher than what experts estimate it should have cost, and five times the amount its Democratic counterpart spent to host and maintain

The biggest disparity seems to be bandwidth costs--the RNC paid Smartech Corp., a Republican-focused hosting firm, more than a million dollars, plus $22,000 to Eloqua ...

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