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Stockman campaign may have broken campaign finance law


By re-attributing the source of some $15,000 in campaign contributions from relatives of congressional staffers to the staffers themselves, the campaign of Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, has raised more questions--and a potential violation of campaign finance laws--than it has answered.

Federal election law prohibits contributions from government employees to their employers, including members of Congress. Violators face fines and potential prison sentences of up to three years.

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Stockman campaign amends filings, questions remain on contributions’ legality


"I did not make the contribution," Thomas Dodd told Sunlight on Oct. 10 when asked about why his mother had disavowed knowledge of a $7,500 contribution made to the campaign of his boss, Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas. Though now, the campaign says, he did. Five days after a Sunlight report cited Jane Dodd saying she didn't make the contributions, Stockman's campaign filed an amendment, listing Thomas Dodd, his special assistant, as the donor.

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