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  • Increase the social impact of open data with user personas - Understanding who uses open data and how helps city staff share public information in ways that are most likely to result in social impact. At “Designing for Community Use," our workshop on the What Works Cities on Tour, we helped city officials brainstorm potential users of open data, develop personas, and then use those personas Read The Full Story

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Our Projects

What Works Cities

Through the generous support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Sunlight’s Open Cities team provides direct technical assistance to dozens of mid-sized American cities participating in the What Works Cities Initiative, helping improve public information disclosure and reuse.

Tracking Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

On November 28, Sunlight began maintaining an ongoing list of confirmed reports of conflicts of interest, where Trump business has clearly mixed with public business. [Read more]

Tracking U.S. Government Data Takedowns


Sunlight and our open government allies are tracking confirmed news reports of the Trump administration removing open government data from the Internet and links to where data has been archived. [Read more]

Tracking the Trump Administration’s Record on Transparency

Sunlight joined C-SPAN to make sense of the Trump administration’s record on open government during Sunshine Week. We continue to add to a long list of examples that offer insight. [Read more]

Our Mission

The Sunlight Foundation is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that uses the tools of civic tech, open data, policy analysis and journalism to make our government and politics more accountable and transparent to all. Our vision is for modern technology to enable more complete, equitable and effective democratic participation. Our overarching goal is to achieve changes in the law to require real-time, online transparency for government information.

Sunlight’s efforts have produced real results. Over the past decade, we served more than 4.2 billion API calls, indicating how much the data we liberated has been needed. Our reporting and analysis is frequently cited by the world’s preeminent journalists. Our research has led to congressional hearings and legislative action. Our tools were used to strip problematic measures from bills. Our advocacy has led to legislative and agency reforms, from a major victory when, at our urging, the federal government agreed to begin the process of releasing all data sets held by federal agencies, to the enactment and implementation of the DATA Act, the most significant open data law in United States history. Today, we are pushing for more reforms, defending transparency and ethics in government, helping open up cities with their communities, and holding government accountable.