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Congress should hold the Facebook Election Commission accountable to its transparency commitments


In the wake of foreign interference on national elections using its platform, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg committed to more political ad transparency in video and text shared with billions of users. The public interest, however, requires Congress and the FEC to hold the world's largest social network accountable.

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Trump administration commits to participating in Open Government Partnership

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Map of countries in OGP

The big idea behind the Open Government Partnership’s founding in 2011 was that it would provide a platform for the public to hold a national government accountable for meeting commitments that have been created in open consultation between the governed and a government of the people. When countries elect leaders like President Donald J. Trump who don’t value basic democratic norms for accountability, transparency and ethics, it poses a stern test: can a voluntary mechanism between community of democracies be used to protect and defend it?

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