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Why we’re launching the Web Integrity Project (2/2/2018) - The mission of the Web Integrity Project (WIP) is to monitor changes to government websites, holding our government accountable by revealing shifts in public information and access to Web resources, as well as changes in stated policies and priorities.
In its first year, the Trump administration has reduced public information online (1/4/2018) - Almost a year into the Trump presidency, we have seen are substantial public information removals and overhauls of federal webpages, documents, and entire websites, as well as significant shifts in language and messaging across the federal Web domain.
How federal agencies are quietly removing government Web resources, and why it matters (11/15/2017) - Under the Trump administration, federal agencies have been removing important Web resources without proactive notice or justification. We should hold our government accountable to clearly explain its actions and not remove Web content when there’s no good reason for doing so.
Classifying changes to public access to information on US government websites (10/4/2017) - Changes to Web content can be especially confusing and opaque to the public when agencies don’t proactively document and explain how and why they change their websites. By clearly laying out how agencies are managing Web resources and changing websites using this classification system, our goal is to inform the public and lawmakers, gain insight Read More
Changes to USGS website highlight the importance of search for public access (9/22/2017) - If the public cannot find a resource in a search result list anymore, can that public information still be said to be accessible? Yes, and no.
What we’ve learned about the Trump administration’s changes to government websites won’t shock you (8/8/2017) - In 2017, there have been major reductions to public access to public information about the environment, energy, and climate change on federal websites, including EPA, DOE, DOT, Interior, State, USDA and the White House.
Why we’re joining Sunlight to report on public access to public information (8/8/2017) - We're monitoring changes public access to public information on federal government websites under the Trump administration.




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